Green Features


Green Building Features

  • Low VOC material is used is the common lobby areas.
  • Rain Water Harvesting, Water efficient fixtures, water metering.
  • Zero use of CFC based refrigarants in building.
  • Use of Recycle water in the flusing, Landscaping.
  • Walling Material: Recycle material (Fly Ash Bricks), Frame Structure – RCC, Glazed Glass with Aluminum Window.
  • IBMS (Integrated Building Management System).
  • Landscape, good landscape designed which help is mininizing the heat island/microclimate(15%of site having landscape).
  • Terrace coating with china mosaic-will help in minimizing the heat at the surrouding
  • Design is model for differently abled
  • Monitoring of water help in understanding the water consumption at different application. Water meter will be installed for proper monitor of water usage
  • Monitoring of energy consumption will help in understand the energy consumption at the different application. Energy meter will be installed for proper monitoring of energy usage.
  • Daily household wast management will be done by proper segregation of wet and dry wastage
  • Ventilation-Sufficient amount of fresh air will be supplied naturally by the window,which help in minimizing artificial fan requirement
  • 100% of site having rain water harvesting system to minimize fresh water requirement.
  • Reducing fresh water usage by 35-40% by use of low flow water fixtures such as taps, closet, shower & kitchen sink.
  • Reducing energy consumption by good selection of glass & window for natural day lighting & fresh air,which helps in minimizing artificial lighting and Saving of electricity consumption.